* Pool Requirements: All pools that can hold 2 or more feet of water are required to have a fence surrounding them. Please call the Zoning Officer for permits for fences and pools.

* Grass Cutting: All property owners are required by Borough Ordinance to cut the grass on their properties on a regular basis. Those who do not cut the grass on their properties may receive violation notices and/or summons to appear in court.

* Outdoor Watering: Now that the summer months are here, water restrictions are in affect. Outside water use for any purpose is allowed from 5AM to 9AM, and from 5PM to 9PM as follows:
*  West Side of Delsea Drive – watering is allowed on even numbered calendar days.
*  East Side of Delsea Drive – watering is allowed on odd numbered calendar days.
*  No watering is permitted on the 31st of any calendar month.
There are special considerations for lawns that have been sodded, or newly seeded. Please contact Public Works for details.

* Public Works: Public Works is asking citizens of the Borough to report all hazardous conditions whether its Roads, Signage, Walkways, and/or Tree Hazards by completing a Hazardous Condition Reporting Form. The form can be found on the right hand side of the home page, under the “Public Works” tab, and it can be emailed to Public Works by clicking the MAIL button.

*  Police Non-Emergency Numbers:  For Non-Emergency police matters, please use the following:
For Police Dispatch for an Officer to respond: Please call 856-881-2300.
For Police Administration (for police reports, firearm applications, etc.): Please call 856-881-2301.
For the Police Fax: Please use 856-881-5859.

*Reflective Numbers Required:  As a reminder to all property owners, Chapter 44 of the Code of the Borough of Clayton requires each building and house number to be displayed on the front to assist the public and emergency responders in identifying a location. The Fire Company advises these number be reflective so that they can be clearly seen. Please ensure your home or business has reflective address numbers displayed properly for your safety.

*Online Payments:  The Borough accepts online bill payments for tax payments and water/sewer payments. For more information, please click on the following:


* For information on water billing, payments, and shutoff regulations, please  visit the Public Works page, which has been incorporated into this website.

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