Trash & Recycling




East side of Delsea Dr. from  Delsea Dr. (but not including Delsea Dr.) to Little Ease Run: southern border is Madison Ave. and northern border is Costill  Ave.


West side of Delsea Dr. from  Delsea Dr. to the railroad; southern border is Borough Ave. and northern border is 7th Ave.


West side of Delsea Dr. from railroad to Silver Lake; southern border is London Ave. and northern border is Aura Rd.  East side of Delsea  Dr. from Little Ease Run to Monroe Twp; southern border is West Washington Ave.  Northern border is Deschler Blvd. East side of Delsea Drive including Louis Drive and College  Hills and Carpenter St.

Delsea Drive Pick up is as follows: From the Franklinville boarder to Academy Street on the East side is picked up on Tuesday. On Wednesday it is the whole West side. on Thursday from Academy St. to the Glassboro boarder is picked up.


The Borough of Clayton shall pick up NORMAL HOUSEHOLD TRASH ONLY.

It shall be limited to a maximum of four (4) containers not over 50 lbs each for each collection day. Trash shall be placed at the curb no more than ten (10) hours prior to 4 am on pick-up day. Return containers 10 hours after pick-up. The Borough shall not be responsible for large amounts of trash and furniture from moving in or out.

This is the homeowner’s responsibility. Trash shall not be placed in corrugated card-board boxes. They must be recycled..

Removal of unusual quantities of debris from construction, renovation, or demolition shall be the responsibility of the homeowner. Unusual shall be more than one (1) thirty-gallon container per week. Residents may place two (2) pieces of furniture per week for removal. Furniture must be broken down as much as possible so that one person can handle it. No pieces shall exceed 50 pounds. Mattress and box springs are picked up with your regular trash.

Residents may place rugs from one (1) room only per week. Rugs must be cut into pieces no wider than four (4) feet and not wider than twelve (12) feet. Rugs must be rolled and tied.

Grass clippings or other vegetation (flowers, weeds, etc.) must be placed with regular trash in a suitable container and cannot be more than 50 lbs in weight. NO LEAVES ARE PERMITTED TO BE PLACED IN REGULAR TRASH. All brush must be not larger than six (6) feet and not wider than four (4) inches. It will be picked up by Public Works on the same day as your trash. Do not place in bags or containers.

No pressure treated, painted or creosote lumber shall be placed for pick-up as these items are considered hazardous materials and the homeowner is responsible.

No oil based paints, solvents, or any other hazardous materials and the homeowner is responsible. Contact Gloucester County Improvement Authority (856-478-6045) for information on the next household special waste collection. Latex paint is water based and can be dried out by either taking the lid off and letting it air dry or putting kitty litter in it and drying it that way. Leave the lid off so our trash disposal company can see that it is dried out and they will pick up with regular trash. Gloucester County Improvement Authority will not accept water based paint at the household special waste collection day.

METAL is picked up on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month except in December. In December it will only be picked up on the second Wednesday. You must call Public Works Department at 856-881-3778 to get on the list. Acceptable items include household appliances such as washers, dryers, and microwaves, air conditioners, etc. (refrigerators and freezers must have doors removed), Metal fencing that is not vinyl coated and no vines intertwined in fence, lawn mowers (must have all non-metal parts removed including wheels), Aluminum and other metal furniture (must have all non-metallic pieces removed), and any other pieces of metal, including cast iron (must have all non-metallic pieces removed).

All TV’s and electronics must be recycled and must be brought down to the Public Works Department. Please call 856-881-3778.


House hold heaters • automotive, truck, or motorcycle parts • car seats • 55 gallon drums of any kind • any sealed container that contains any chemical • propane tanks, gas tanks, oil tanks, and any other tank of any kind • automotive engines or parts • concrete • brick • block • asphalt • roofing materials • any hazardous materials • pianos and organs • Paint (water based paint cans should be dried out with the lid off and our trash disposal company will pick up).

Gloucester County Improvement Authority sponsors several household special waste collections each year. You may call 856-478-6045 for dates and locations.

LEAVES are collected in the Spring (in March/April) and in the Fall (November/  December). They are to be raked to the curb line, not bagged. They can be placed there no sooner than one week before pick up. Dates will be published in the Gloucester County Times prior to pick-ups or on the Borough’s website.

MULCH: The Borough no longer produces mulch.

DISPOSAL OF DIABETIC NEEDLES in an empty container with lid. Deposit syringes, then throw container in regular trash.




Paper: Newspapers, magazines, and corrugated cardboard. Do not recycle food or contaminated boxes like pizza boxes.

Glass: Food and beverage bottles and jars.

Plastic Bottles: Food, beverage, and soap containers with either of the following symbols imprinted on the bottom:


Aluminum & Steel (Tin) Cans: Soda, beer, fruit, vegetable, pet food, and other food and beverage cans and EMPTY aerosol cans (except Paint).

All recyclables listed above are collected on your trash day. Place in recycling container provided. Recycle Bank phone number is 888-727-2978.

USED MOTOR OIL can be taken to the Public Works Garage to be deposited in the recycling oil tank between the hours of 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM Monday through Friday (except legal holidays). There is a funnel by the tank. No hazardous materials may be mixed with any used oil. NO ANTIFREEZE.