Borough Hall Directory

Municipal Offices: 856-881-2882
Police: 856-881-2301
Public Works: 856-881-3778
The Area Code for All Employee Phone Numbers is (856)

Name Title Phone
Langley, Samantha Construction Office 881-2882, x118
Lafferty, Rose Ann Zoning Official
Code Enforcement Officer
881-2882, x127
Davis, Andrew Chief of Police 881-2882, X114
Eckler, Jack Construction Official 881-2882, X108
Hunt, Joseph DPW Director 881-3778
Occupancy Admin/Rental Unit Insp. 881-2882, x118
Gloucester County Fire Official 307-7912
Miller, Susan Administrator 881-2882, x104
Money, Naomi Purchasing Clerk 881-2882, x102
Nestore, Donna Tax Collector/CFO/ Treasurer 881-2882, x105
Newcomb, Christine Municipal Clerk/Registrar 881-2882, x103
Roller, Kyle Assistant Finance Officer 881-2882, x101
Schlosser, Debbie Water/Sewer, Planning 881-2882, X123
English, Chloe Police Records Clerk 881-2882, x113
Viola, Rebecca DPW Secretary 881-3778/881-2882

Note: The names of Clayton’s Police Officers are shown on the police webpage.